What Is Coaching?

A life coach helps you achieve success by empowering you to accomplish your goals as you reach your full potential. As your coach, I will help you achieve your targeted area; either professional or personal.

This happens through encouraging, supportive, and challenging discussions and accountability.

These discussions will help you overcome the obstacles and stressors that sometimes hinder your professional and personal growth.

You have everything you need to live a full, awakened, and connected life inside you already. You just need to know how to access it.

In coaching we will work on:

  • Self-Esteem, Self-confidence and Self care
  • We will work on learning to extend your kindness through yourself, you should be kind and generous to yourself first them channel the same positive energy to others
  • Learn to keep promises to yourself
  • Stop blaming others
  • Acknowledge yourself and your accomplishments
  • Stop being so hard on yourself


  • We will work on finding a career that you love
  • We will work on finding the right college, job, university, future plan and scholarships that fit you
  • We will work on setting clear goals
  • We will work on forming better relationships, communication and understanding your relationship patterns
  • We will work on staying accountable to your goals

What Is The Difference Between Counseling and Coaching?

Many people wonder whether they would benefit from coaching or from counseling. If you’re confused about the difference between coaching and counseling, you’re not alone! Coaching and counseling serve two distinct purposes but there is a fair amount of similarities, so it can be confusing. Coaching and counseling both create a positive, healing relationship with you to help you feel understood and supported. Both help you set and achieve goals and your full potential.


1. Focuses on both the past and the present
2. Treats a mental health or substance abuse problem (which includes everything from severe issues such as PTSD to minor, short-term issues such as adjustment disorders)
3. Generally long term
4. Therapist has a license and is bound by the ethics and laws of their profession and state.

*Compared to Coaching I provide therapy ONLY in the State of Florida and temporarily in the state of New Jersey. *

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1. Focuses on setting and achieving goals in the present and future (doesn’t deal with the past)
2. Coaching does not involve a mental health diagnosis
3. Coaching helps mentally well people function at a higher level

*Compared to therapy, If coaching is the best fit I provide virtual sessions globally.*

Coaching is also an appropriate choice if you’ve previously worked with a counselor and your depression or anxiety (or other mental health) symptoms are well managed. For some, it will be important to first work with a counselor and resolve some core issues and then work with a coach later for help achieving particular goals.

So, which would best meet your needs? If you know that you have a mental health problem such as depression or anxiety, therapy is probably the better choice, at least initially. On the other hand, if you’re looking for focused help in reaching specific goals in the present, then a coach would be a great choice.

If you think coaching is right for you, contact me today to discuss your goals. I look forward to hearing from you!

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

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